Koppartuber, mässingtuber, järntuber, ståltuber (Fordon: lok)

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De första loken av denna typ tillverkade år 1899-1900 hade faktiskt koppartuber !

Sådana tuber förekom faktiskt under 1900-talet även i Frankrike. Annars förekom även mässingtuber i ånglok under 1800-talet liksom s k lappvälda järntuber.
Mannesmann ståltuber importerades redan under 1880-talet.

Dessutom förekom ståltuber med lödd kopparände mot eldstaden.

At the beginning of Mannesmann‘s history stood a technological breakthrough: Reinhard and Max Mannesmann invented the world's first rolling process for the production of seamless tubes at their father's file factory in Remscheid. After many years of development work they filed a patent application in 1885. In 1886 the patent was granted and the rolling of the first seamless steel tube commenced.

It was not until the 1890s, however, that the brothers made the final technical breakthrough with the invention of the pilger-rolling process, which turned their concept into a truly marketable prospect and laid the basis for their economic success. The combination of pilger-rolling and pierce-rolling subsequently became known throughout the world as the “Mannesmann process”. It unlocked new potential in many fields of technology and revolutionized the engineering, piping and vehicle construction industries in the following decades.


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