Ritningar om vevställverk apparater (Järnväg allmänt)

av Sune Göthe @, tisdag, november 23, 2021, 15:11 (8 dagar sedan) @ PSi

Hi Pekka!

In one of the drawings from Ekeving, Fig 121 (from "Signalteknisk handbok";) shows some of the details in a small "vevställverk" called "ställbock". The "vev" has wheel for the wire roop to the signal. In the upper part of the wheel is a round pin. The lower part of "visare" is formed like a gable which engages with the pin. When the wheel is rotated the pin makes the "visare" turn the opposite way. The "visare" cannot fall back beceause the end of the gable rests on a cirular part ocn the back of the wheel, shown as a dotted line n Fig 121. When the "vev" is turned a complete turn the "visare" is locked by the pin. The gable is formed in the end to operate smoothly with the wheel an pin.

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