Ritningar om vevställverk apparater (Järnväg allmänt)

av PSi @, tisdag, november 23, 2021, 16:49 (8 dagar sedan) @ Sune Göthe

I guess you mean this image:


yes, it shows the dotted line of the drum, and the dotted line of the "fork" of the "visare".

If one starts to rotate the "vev" the fork will move sideways, and it will loose connection to the pin and rest on the drum. There is no way the fork could prevent the "vev" being turned more that one full revolution or is there? I cannot see how.

If there was a "maltese cross" system like on the "ställbock" on photo:


it would stop the movement as the pin is going into another "fork" of "visare" and the shape of the "visare" bottom is such that the "vev" cannot be rotated anymore.

On a "vevstellverk" the "visare" starts to move the moment one is starting to rotate the "vev". What if the "vev" is only rotated a few degrees?

In Finland "vevstellverk"s have three kinds of vevs:

What if one is moving the locking "vev" only a few degrees so, that the "visare" moves enough to allow the "linjal" to move. Would it not mean that the locking of the turnouts is possibly not secured? Should, or do the mechanics check that the "vev"s are rotated full revolution?


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